DEFAKTO Watches - It's True What They Say, Big Hands, Big Clock

DEFAKTO One-Hand Watches of Germany

The just released Defakto Eins watches from Germany might inflict some well deserved clock-envy with your little handed friends. Designed by first time creator Raphael Ickler of Pforzheim, Germany, a young guy who's "idea is to display the time with the minimum information while being exact as needed"

He goes on to describe;
"The single-hand principal emphasizes this intention with only three indexes are placed between the full hours on the face - quarter, half and three-quarter. Between each full hour lies space for estimations and after a short familiarization, one is able to read the time very intuitively. Thereby the hollow-milled hand helps to lead the eye to the actual time.
So my target was not the conservative watch enthusiast who gets pissed if the clock is one second late a day, the watch is designed for people who do not count every second, for people who feel free to live beyond these rules of;

"&%$#, it's three seconds to five past eleven, my train is coming in two minutes and 57 seconds!" With the DEFAKTO EINS, time is easy, and if you have time your life will get easy too.

Regarding the function: The housing is produced out of stainless steel, the black edition is coated with PVD. Hand and face of the watch are fluorescent and provide readability in the dark. The wristband is made out of calf leather which ensures a long-lasting wear comfort. The mechanical heart of the watch is the Swiss "Automatikwerk ETA 2824". The watch is made in Germany. "

- Raphael Ickler 2009

The exposed ETA automatic mechanical movement

The single hollowed hand appears to float around dial

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