MOCHA - Museum of Contemporary Horological Art

The world's first museum devoted to modern wristwatch design has been announced by The Hour Glass. 'MOCHA', the Museum of Contemporary Horological Art, heralds to be a "horological cultural temple" with it's location in Asia, likely Singapore, perhaps Tokyo?

"The critical leap in logic made by the next generation of industry leaders was to focus on the message that since watches are no longer truly necessary, their primary purpose is to delight their owners as examples of high luxury self expression, mechanical performance and human artisanship. As such they took daring steps to create watches that portrayed time in new poetic ways. As it turns out, this transformation of the modern watch into a crucible for human creativity has a precedent in the history of art."

As modern quartz watches were invented in the 1970's, mechanical watches suffered similarly as the years photography threatened realism in painting of the late nineteenth century. As a result, impressionists paved new paths to contemporary art as do modern mechanical watchmakers who invent new & unusual ways of impressing time.

"Following this exact pattern in the late 20th century, as a result of the invention of quartz watches, the mechanical watch has become transformed into an artistic device. This seminal transformative process has enabled the Swiss watch industry to ascend to the highest level of commercial success in its 200 year old history."

via Revolution