XX-Ray Was Jorg Hysek, Raptor Is Jorg Hysek

The hinged curvex double tourbillon 'XX-Ray' by Jorg Hysek appears to be fabricated of architectural girders and drag racing parts. Although he's moved on to develop his reverberating new company HD3 Complication ('Raptor' shown below), Jorg began his education in micro-mechanics at Bienne Technicum only to end up studying sculpture at the London Academy of Art. His career later defined by designing for the highest echelon of watchmaking at Rolex, Breguet, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin and more -- Eventually leading to his own more daring brand where this twin-dial timepiece was a highlight and precursor to his dramatic new line at HD3.

The Raptor is part of the trio at Jorg's new collective HD3 Complication, Valérie Ursenbacher (his wife) and Fabrice Gonet. Each created their own watch design and Gonet developed this double-decker ana-digi behemoth complete with jacuzzi. Well, the only bubbles in this watch are the ones formed by dropping jaws. The digital LCD display is hidden beneath the hinged mechanical tourbillon analog top floor.

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