Formex Shock Absorbers

I've featured a watch that measures G-forces and others that handle bumps of another kind - but Formex created a watch that withstands turbulence and potholes. Seems you can't make a watch nowadays unless you get a patent for some unusual new feature and Formex did just that with their patented 'active suspension system'.

Built-in shock absorbers nearly forming a separate chassis and dials angled towards the wearer. Comes in a series of titanium and steel 'bullhead' (top pusher) automatic chronographs available in wrist contouring round & square Bell & Ross 'Instrument' style cases. Priced in the $1200-$3500 range.

So whether you're racing a Cigarette class off-shore racing boat or in a death-defying taxi in New York City, your watch, but not your body, is protected.