Watchismo Holiday Watch Gift Guide - $100 to $100,000

When I proposed to my wife three years ago, I did so by hiding the ring in a vintage watch box. And after receiving many watches from me over time, (one of the many benefits of being married to Watchismo!) she was always prepared for another. It was the perfect concealer for the antique 1920s engagement ring that hid inside.

As she prepared to open the watch box, a tipsy southern man inopportunely standing near us leaned over and drolly drawled, "Whut iis itt? A DIIAMOND RIING?" My wife, being as polite as she is, said (box is still closed at this point) "No, actually it's a vintage watch, my boyfriend...(opening box)...Uh, wait...yeah, it is a diamond ring!" The man turned a bright color purple of which I've only seen on a startled cuttlefish in a National Geographic documentary.

He turned away quickly and she said yes even faster. And now for some interesting watch gift ideas for the holidays...

Under $100; (Above) This modern mystery dial with discs for hands spin with opposing colors for hours, minutes and seconds-->Link

Under $200; (Above) This unused mint 1968 Gladius Jumping Hour digital watch with manual winding movement, spinning wheels with numbers printed on each lining up to tell the time through windows-->Link

Under $300; (Above) The modern reissue of the "Diode", Roger Tallon's innovative 1975 LED watch with one-piece case-integrating leather strap-->Link

Under $400; (Above) This vintage 1970 mechanical digital jump hour by Mentor. Also unused for almost 40 years with manual winding movement, discs for hours & minutes through left porthole. And best of all, the original flexisteel bracelet-->Link

Under $500; (Above) The 2007 "Mach 2000" Chronograph. A Roger Tallon classic with updated design by French designer Prisca Briquet. Protruding balls as stopwatch pushers & crown inside the negative space of the asymmetric aluminum watch case-->Link

Under $800: (Above) 1972 Jump Hour by Kienzle, a German company that manufactured everything from early computers to dashboard clocks for VW, Mercedes and Porsche ventured into 'wrist dashboards' with this 1972 'Life 2002' mechanical digital jump hour wristwatch. An enormous asymmetric case with separate windows for 12/24 hours, minute and seconds disks. And best of all, the original box/packaging-->Link

Under $1000; (Above) 1957 Hamilton Electric Victor with rare white pattern dial (as detailed in Rene Rondeau's book, "The Watch of the Future"). The first electric-mechanical watches ever made. 10k goldfilled square case with asymmetrical placement of crown on upper right corner. Designed by Richard Arbib, the man who designed fins on vintage American cars of the forties and fifties-->Link

Under $3000; (Above) Vintage 1973 Omega Speedmaster "125" Automatic Chronograph Chronometer limited edition. Commemorating the 125th anniversary of Omega in the seventies. One of the largest, most substantial chronographs ever made at 51mm long and 15mm tall-->Link

Under $16,000; (Above) 2007 Sarpaneva Supernova by Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva. One of only ten Supernova made with only one left here-->Link

For more info, read Curtis Thomson's article here-->Link and the PDF here-->Link

Under $60,000; (Above) MB&F's brand new Horological Machine No.2 with double porthole display in enormous solid white gold case. Jumping hours and concentric retrograde minutes on the right, while the retrograde date and bi-hemisphere moonphase on the left dial-->Link

Under $100,000; (Above) 2007 Urwerk 103.08 in super hard TiAlN treated steel (Titanium Aluminum Nitride). A wandering hour watch with rotating satellite hour dics and a fixed minutes arc-->Link

For more, go here-->LINK

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