The Winner of the Watchismo Vintage Chronograph Giveaway

After thousands of entries and one random selection, a guy named Mike George of Virginia has won the vintage chronograph giveaway. Upon hearing the news, he wrote back, "This is great, I was thinking if I had ever won anything before and alls I could come up with was a few months ago I received one of those personalized covers from Wired Mag. It was not really winning but I counted it as so at the time." Here is a self-portrait Mike sent me;

After learning about The Watchismo Times through, Mike has been a regular reader of my blog. He even mentioned his own desires to build a mechanical watch someday. More good luck to you Mike and thanks to everyone that entered and who subscribe!

Stay tuned, I'm about to have another giveaway for a LIP Mach 2000 wristwatch!

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