Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A NEW WATCHISMO STORE LAUNCHED! Hundreds of Vintage Watches and New Brands

Hey Watchismophiles! Just wanted to let you know first about the brand new Watchismo.com store that recently launched, and to give you a brief walk-through the offerings. I have just added hundreds of vintage timepieces and new models from around the world - including LIP (France), Nixon (California), Nooka (New York City), Mr. Jones (London), Alessi (Italy), Issey Miyake (Japan), Pierre Junod (Switzerland) and Botta (Germany) watches.

Forgive my shameless self-promotion but since there are no other sites quite like ours, I'm very excited to share my personal vintage collection specializing in rare Jump Hour styles in addition to some of the coolest and affordable new watch designs of today.

A few sample pages from the vintage watch section of Watchimo
(hundreds more listed)

Below, our pride and joy, LIP watches of France. We offer LIP exclusively at some of the coolest stores in the US - Barneys New York (nationwide), Moss (Soho NY & Los Angeles), Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMa), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Taubman Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Takashimaya (NY), Propeller Modern (SF), and Paul Smith

Buy them at any of those locations or direct at Watchismo!

More about LIP history-->LINK

Nixon (below), a brand we admire for their vintage-inspired, forward looking models such as the direct-time technology of the Murf and Rotolog!

Nooka, (below) an independent New York City company with truly original interpretations of timekeeping! No hands, rarely a digit - it's time for a change...

And the thinking man's and woman's timepiece, the conceptualist designs of Mr. Jones! A UK designer, famous for the "Accurate", a happy-go-lucky watch reminding you of death every minute of the day... (below)

Issey Miyake (below), with some of the most modern styles from Japan including the supercool minimal TO mystery dial and the color-combination mathematical perfection of the Trapezoid chronographs!

Another brand new watch at Watchismo are the one-handed German watches of Botta. Forget two hands, that's so second-milenium. Life is more complicated now but time is being reduced with the unique Botta UNO and Solus.

Pierre Junod of Switzerland produces watches designed by some of the worlds best designers and architects (Arne Jacobsen, Richard Meier, Massimo Vignelli, and more)

And finally, a behemoth of modern design, Alessi (below) and their incredibly affordable line of stylish watches. Famed desingers from around the world contribute to the long history of the Italian company.

Summed up, Watchismo is a store built from a very personal passion for great design, affordable individuality, and an obsession for being on time.

LIP Product Page-->LINK

Watchismo and LIP featured in recent press (below);

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