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2009 - Yet Another Space Odyssey - The Hamilton ODC X-02

First, some history...

1966, Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke commission a variety of companies to imagine & design futuristic products for the year 2001. Oh, yeah, and to be featured in the film, "2001 A Space Odyssey."

Hamilton is hired and John Bergey creates a digital clock and analog/digital wristwatch (movie prop watch seen below). At the same time, it inspires his work inventing the Pulsar Time Computer LED digital watch in 1970. (entirely separate history, stay focused!)

Hamilton simultaneously future-retro-fitted their early sixties Flight II Electric designed by Richard Arbib (see photos below press release). Stanley Kubrick chose the Bergey design over the Arbib.

1968, the movie is released and Hamilton releases an entirely different but beautiful watch to the public, the "Odyssee 2001," spelled differently for apparent copyright issues.

Forty years later, in 2006, Hamilton introduced the "X-01", a limited edition reinterpretation of the original movie watch. Only 2001 (of course) were be produced. (How do you miss such an obvious opportunity by five years??)

Now, in 2009, Hamilton is releasing the "ODC X-02", a triple time zone watch with each dial encapsulated in chambers and positioned in traditional "2001 Odyssey" side-viewing style.

The Press Release;

The Hamilton ODC X–02 Quartz presents a tailor-made concept of time travel

The latest creation of the Hamilton Lab, the ODC X-02, takes watch design to totally new frontiers. In a futuristic shaped case, appropriately modeled on the cross-section of an aircraft’s wing, this timepiece allows the wearer to be in three places at once. This is possible thanks to three separate, oblong dials, each revealing the time in a different location. The ODC X-02 Quartz already has its eye on Hollywood movie appearances with its design being inspired by the watch Hamilton originally made for Stanley Kubrick’s 1966 movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Location, location, location

A valve-like pusher at the top of each dial enables the setting of three independent times. Viewed from the side, these resemble miniature telescopes with easy-to-grip tips. The analog time display in each of the three sections is close to the pusher, giving the impression that it is floating to the surface of the dial window. Each window has its own curved sapphire crystal, enclosing the top and side of the individual dial for self-contained timekeeping in the chosen zone.

Titanium version via WatchFreaks

Out of this world design

The ODC X-02 Quartz comes with a choice of a plain titanium case or one with black PVD coating. Its outline is angular, contrasting with the soft curves of the framework supporting the crystals. Perfectly matching the black dial backgrounds is a smooth black rubber strap finished with a metal buckle that fits together like two pieces of a puzzle. This unique timepiece promises to be a showstopper on and off the screen and is limited to just 1,000 pieces.

Stanley Kubrick and ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

In 1966, Stanley Kubrick, one of America’s most celebrated film directors and producers, commissioned Hamilton to create the timepieces for his science-fiction movie, 2001: A Space
Odyssey. The Hamilton design team presented Kubrick with a futuristic wristwatch and a desk clock. The Hamilton designs were extremely eye-catching and even Vogue and Esquire magazines were
captivated, printing pictures of them. This led to a flood of customer requests asking where they could purchase the space-age timepieces. Prohibitive production costs meant that the futuristic timepieces could never be commercialized. In the 21st century the saga continues with new limited edition timepieces.

Fact Box
ODC X-02 Quartz
Material Titanium / titanium black PVD
Dial Color Black
Attachments Black rubber
Movement Quartz x 3 E01-001
Crystal Sapphire
Water resistance 50 m
Price Ca 1345 Euro / 1750 US$ / 2000 CHF
Launch September 2009

2001 A Space Odyssey Prototypes of Hamilton Electric Flight II
(rejected by Mr. Kubrick in 1966)

The actual 1966 (Kubrick approved) 2001 Movie Prop Watch

Hamilton introduced their own "Odyssee" in 1968 at time of movie release
(spelling changed to avoid lawsuits)

Hamilton's 2006 X-01 reinterpretation of the actual movie prop watch

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