Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Suspended in Time - Storm Synth Watch with Nine Hands and Floating Display

This latest Limited Edition Storm Synth watches camouflage the correct time within a busy nine-haded display. Once you get past the apparent chaos, you see the hours, minutes and seconds with complete clarity. It's the Where's Waldo of wristwatches.

Outside of that, (actually, inside of that) the watch itself is held in suspension within the massive 51mm long stainless steel case and shown from crystals on both the front, back and sides of the watch.

Priced between $170 (steel) and $199 (slate) -> Storm Synth Product Page

Confused? Pinwheel camouflaged triple time display (6:46 shown)

See the watch suspended from all angles

The see-thru caseback

Numbered limited editions (crown at 6)

Also available in blackened Slate Steel

Close-up of Slate dial