Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. Jones New Watch Releases - Always On My Mind & On Foot Watches

How does one follow up the hugely successful "The Accurate" (Remember You Will Die) watch? Well, the concept designer Mr. Jones of London has done it with the brand new "Always On My Mind" Watch. No longer being reminded of your mortality, but instead, constantly think of your immortal beloved every time you check the time. (Sugar cubes for extra sweetness not included)

Mr. Jones says, "This is a watch for the Romantic - the hour and minute hands for the phrase always on my mind. The watch gives a frisson of pleasure every time it is consulted and the wearer is reminded of that special person."

They are a limited edition series of only 100 models and each watch is individually numbered on the caseback.

Also just introduced (We're the first in the world at The Watchismo Times!) is the limited edition Mr. Jones "On Foot", the follow up to the highly conceptual "The Average Day watch".

On Foot displays the world record times for running different distances. Three arcs map the records to the hours, minutes and seconds on the watch. The outer arc shows records of less than 60 seconds: 100m, 200m and 400m; the sweep of the second hand corresponds with the span of each record. The two inner arcs align with the minute and hour hand respectively, for records of under and over one hour.

Ah, don't forget the now classic The Accurate. Be inspired by it, live your life like every second counts!

Mr. Jones Watches Product Page

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