Monday, August 16, 2010

New Brand Alert - Noon Copenhagen Watches - A Patented New Way To Tell Time!

The Danish brand Noon Copenhagen has created a collection of watches that play with color & design and combine with an innovative new display. Seemingly simple, these watches feature multiple hemisphere discs, both transparent and opaque blending together to change colors as the day progresses. (see the animation of displays below - sped up to highlight functionality)

A new angle on presenting “Time”

Their task: Develop a unique product, focusing on innovation, good quality at an affordable price. Noon Copenhagen wanted to build a watch brand based on an innovating and functional new way of presenting “time”. The fundamental idea throughout the line; the turning discs, came up and was soon developed, patented, and tested thoroughly. Noon entered into a cooperation agreement with Henrik Sørig, a leading award winning Danish industrial designer, who has designed products for many well known international brands including Bang & Olufsen of Denmark. Henrik Sørig is the designer of the Noon collection which was presented at the premier “watch show” in the world; Baselworld 2008. The line consists of impressive innovative designs in materials of titanium and stainless steel matched with rugged rubber and fine Italian leather.

The type font for the name was designed especially for the logo, so noon can be mirrored and can be read from both left- and right directions. The two “o” in noon symbolize the two turning discs in our watches. The noon copenhagen symbol in the Noon Copenhagen logo shows the hour and minute hand turning discs half-way over each other - as known from our watches. Most of our watches also have the strap ending as a “cut out”, in the shape of the logo symbol.

As Noon is designed in Denmark, and expresses a well accepted, functional, stylish and fashion conscious trendsetting design, noon has associated the well-known metropolitan city and capital of Denmark, Copenhagen to the part of the brand name. In many peoples subconscious minds “Noon Copenhagen” will link and connect their impression towards other world known and famous popular Danish designs. The brand name is not linked to a specific design or trend direction of time neither modern nor classic looks but rather timeless design, which gives us the freedom to create and product develop for the future in any direction.

>>View the entire Noon Copenhagen Collection >>Here

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