BLACK HOLE FRIDAY - New Frontiers in the Time-Price Continuum

The Watchismo Times Top Ten Holiday Sale


Want to make a quantum leap from the earthly clutches of Black Friday? Ditch the predictability of the time-space continuum & come join us for supergalactic savings.

Chartered for a one-way trip to Planet Watchismo, our all black fleet includes 10 of the mightiest time machines this side of the event horizon.

Stay light years away from the masses because where we're going, we don't need roads.

View the Black Hole Friday Fleet!

THE MEGABYTE by 666 BARCELONA - Orbiting spheres instead of hands rotate the outer edges of time in this cool all black timepiece!

THE ZON by NOOKA - Documenting timezones across the Earth, this watch keeps you in time with your home planet!

THE MINIMALIST - New matte black steel version - the watch of choice by the Vader family.

THE DE NOVO by VESTAL - De Novo is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning" - a chronograph with retrograde display.

MACH 2000 AERONEF by LIP - A futuristic timepiece designed in the heyday of the space age - a design ahead of its time!

THE ADVENTURE by 666 Barcelona - Reminiscent of the big bang, this watch has expanding numbers across the dial!

THE OBSERVER by VESTAL - Time the remaining seconds of your life as you fall to the singularity...

THE DESTROYER by VESTAL - Made from space-age polymers, this updated design allows for easy wear in any gravitational setting.

THE SURVEYOR by VESTAL - Entertain your new alien friends with what is certain to be the rarest timepiece on their 35 hour day planet.

DOUBLE PHASE REGULATOR by AEROMATIC - Mechanical skeleton half-phase double special regulator with ergonomic dial position - A watch only HAL 9000 understands.

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