Mechanical & Automatic Watches On Sale! The Watchismo Times Holiday Sale - TOP TEN TIME MACHINES


Mechanical & Automatic Watches On Sale!


Ever wanted to lift the hood and get a look at what really makes your watch tick?

For a simple quartz watch, the only moving parts seem to be the battery replacements year after year. But a mechanical watch is a true Time Machine, a dizzying play of cause and effect, where gears, cogs, wheels, rotors and springs work in precise unison to keep you as painfully punctual or as fashionably late as suits you.

Check out our featured collection of ten Time Machines - mechanical and automatic watches that can outlive you but don't have a life without you.

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INGERSOLL MECHANICAL SKELETON - Movement is exposed from front and back allowing full view of all mechanics!

MONDAINE OF SWITZERLAND RETRO AUTOMATIC - The famed Swiss Railway Clock Watch with automatic movement seen from caseback and classic minimalist design.

UHR-KRAFT HELICOP CUBE DUAL-TIME MECHANICAL - Cut out of a half-inch steel cube, covered with a carbon fiber & sapphire crystal. A wealth of details in the complicated dial and a multitude of exciting functions.

HAFFSTREUNER ALL BLACK GMT - A solid blackened steel beast with powerful automatic movement.

BARON AUTOMATIC - The “Automatic” distinction of the Baron refers to the watch’s energy source; there is no battery since it runs off the movement of your wrist. UNDER $100!

AEROMATIC SKELETON DOUBLE PHASE - Mechanical Regulator with ergonomic dial position. Limited Edition 200 pieces.

BARCELONA 666 URBAN CIRCLES DUAL TIME - Featuring mechanical automatic movements requiring no batteries ever. The watches are powered by a rotor that can be viewed in motion from the caseback crystal.

REBOSUS 24 Hour BATTALION - Army Green Military Automatic with 24 hour dial and retrograde date.

Tauchmeister XXL Automatic - An enormous 65mm case and screw down crown.

VESTAL FATHOM DIVING AUTOMATIC - Metronomic Automatic Movement - The Fathom is a solid timepiece. It can reach depths of over 1000 feet.

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