New JCDC Time Track Military Watch Collection for ODM Watches



Time Track is the latest design by JCDC, a military-inspired collection, with JCDC’s own witty interpretations instilled. The result of such a mix is the brilliant and pop timepiece you now see.

Inspired by the military and at the same time combining JCDC’s own witty interpretations, outcome is the fun and pop Time Track. You would find various military features infused into the design, yet with a totally humorous and surprising approach.

The design of this piece is inspired various military elements. Available in four attractive colors as well as an outrageous multi-color version.

The straps resemble the tracks of a war tank; the case takes the form and details of a shield, with the dial and hand design like that of a military compass; last but not least, there are grips at the dial and four corners of the case for ultimate protection.

* Straps with details resembling tracks of a war tank
* The case takes the details and shape of a shield
* Dial and hand design is like a military compass
* With grips at the dial and four corners for ultimate protection

A military themed packaging box is designed especially for this collection. The Time Track piece is placed nicely in the middle of this metal case resembling a box for military equipments (see below), with details such as the studs and clasps for ultimate security.

See the new collection: JCDC Time Track Watches


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See the new collection: JCDC Time Track Watches

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