Friday, August 26, 2011

New Tendence Watches - Hydrogen Skull & Gulliver Square Chronograph

Tendence has launched it’s first co-branded range in collaboration with exclusive Italian fashion brand Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a brand that has it’s own unique identity which is clearly portrayed by it’s original designs, including high end fashion and luxury sportswear collections which are distributed in a selected number of multi-brand stores all over the world.

Since it was founded in 2003 Hydrogen has had immense success and has already collaborated with many famous brands including the Lamborghini Group, Perfetti Group and Porsche, but Tendence is the first watch brand.

Several styles of the co-branded Tendence-Hydrogen watch have been created, all of which model the distinctive Hydrogen skull symbol which blends perfectly with innovation, technology and design.

Based in Lugano Switzerland, Tendence Watches have an unique, contemporary dimension, which emerges from the complementary fusion of innovation, style and audacious design. Created using a wealth of craftsmanship expertise, avant-garde technology and exquisite materials, a captivating array of watches are formed - featuring bold tri-dimensional design, size and special material combinations, the epitome of Tendence.

The Gulliver is the signature design from Tendence watch line. The result is a multi-dimensional sporty and elegant watch, with sharp, sleek aesthetics, which easily redefines modern watch design. Composed of a large stainless steel and high tech Polycarbonate case and trademark silicon strap which enables incredible strength and resistance.