Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New 666 Barcelona Watches at Watchismo


New watches from Barcelona

The Concentric, NeoGeo, Flask, Alphabet, Broke, XXLED and more.

"Concentric" watches encapsulate time disappearing in a thinning chaos of digits.
"XXLED" features exactly that - an enormous Light Emitting Diode display.
"Broke" has a very unusual name but this cool watch features the day/date in chrono-style.
"Alphabet" utilizes letters instead of numbers for this eccentric chronograph.
"Flask" is a minimalist approach to the canteen watch with protective crown cap and cutaway indices.
"NeoGeo" quite simply tells time with unexpected graphic randomness.
The ever popular "John Watch" collection has been revamped with new designs and colors, still the longest watch in the world!
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