Monday, July 30, 2012

Cool New Styles from Tendence of Switzerland


New Heights in Horology - Cool New Collections from Tendence of Switzerland

You're gonna stand out of the crowd, no doubt about it, if you want to blend in with your friends wearing Rolex and Tag, Do Not Buy A TENDENCE WATCH! But if you're the kind of person that wants something different, something special, these new collections of Swiss Tendence watches definitely fit the bill.
Featuring extreme colors, compositions and dimensions, these are pure statements of originality, quality and style.


Packed with wild color and composition, the boldest of the new styles is appropriately named 'CRAZY'. See the Tendence Crazy Collection.
Tendence 'FANTASY' 3H Blue/Orange
Like no other watch in the world, the new collection of Tendence 'Fantasy' Watches utilize light in a very unique way, the transparent sides of the case allow light inside up into the extremely dimensional transparent digits and glow. The green model below is the best example of how that non-electric light-play is generated. Super cool!
Tendence 'FANTASY' 3H Black/Green
Tendence 'SWISS MADE' Collection
The Tendence Swiss Made collection combines the precision Swiss watchmaking with the wild style of the Tendence designers. The combination proves to be very effective and more exclusive.
Tendence 'SLIM POP' Collection
Thin is in with the latest Tendence Slim Pop Collection. Building upon the popularity of the Slim line, Tendence has introduced a powerful new group of thin stylish chronographs and three handed watches.
Tendence 'CRYSTAL HEAD SKULL' Hydrogen Watch Collection
Quite honestly, the most popular Tendence watches have been the Hydrogen Skull. They're now available as a set with a Crystal Head Vodka Skull shotglass! Check out the Tendence Crystal Head Skull Watches.
Tendence 'G-47' Collection
Last but not least, the technically stylish Tendence G-47 collection offers new compositions and technical features not yet seen by this upcoming young brand from Switzerland.