Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SISU Watches - Do You Have Enough Guts? Impressive New Collection!

Meet SISU, the biggest, baddest Swiss made watches ever at Watchismo

Watchismo is proud to be the first watch retailer offering SISU Watches, some of the boldest looking watches to fly into the horological stratosphere.

Two collections have been introduced, Guardian and Bravado - your choice with Swiss Automatic ETA or quartz movements.

We were blown away when first seeing these powerful machines in person, we had to be the first to share with the rest of you. The beauty is in the details, look around the collection and notice never before seen design elements like the raised digits of the SISU Guardian A3 (shown at right), two layers of indices allow the bottom Superluminova digits to glow beneath the elevated black digits creating an eclipse on the dial.


SISU is a powerful Finnish philosophy - translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. The meaning is equivalent to "having guts".
Close up of Guardian Automatic with raised digits and exposed movement
SISU has a long-term element in it ... it is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain it. While the term has origins in the Finnish culture, it is universal in it’s application. Courage, strength and resolve are timeless and admirable qualities in any culture and these are the ideals from which have launched SISU.
Swiss ETA Automatic Movements
The GUARDIAN Automatic series feature a 3-hand Swiss-made mechanical movement with date, automatic winding, smooth sweeping seconds and 25 jewels. The bold case is of impact-forged, surgical grade 316L stainless steel and precision machine sculpted. The screw-down crown is placed in the signature 10 o'clock position for anatomical ease and distinction. A choice of wide, sculpted stainless steel bracelet or substantial, incredibly flexible, durable, and anatomically pleasing black rubber strap combine elegance and comfort. Those SISU timepieces are shielded by an anti-reflective pure sapphire crystal, the hardest and most scratch-resistant lens material used in the world of fine watch making.
SISU Guardian Automatic Series

SISU Bravado Automatic Series

Massive steel clamped SISU watch box
These timepieces are wrist sculptures of bold and clean design. The SISU signature look and unique detailing set them apart from the competition and convey the strength and boldness that the SISU name signifies. They take inspiration from mid-century style product design. Many of the utilitarian, classic details come from mid-century aviation, nautical and auto design as well as the industrial design language of many cameras from that time period. This results in classic lines, timeless aesthetic and the look of bold, confident durability. The key to creating strong product will be the unique attention to detail, authenticity and an uncompromising dedication to quality.
Impressive heights of the case profile
The timepiece is a unique object in that it has a utilitarian purpose of simply telling time yet it can represent so much more to the modern man. The wristwatch of today should not only have precise technical attributes but it also has the opportunity to make a strong, artistic statement about the man wearing it. SISU feels that the challenge lies in providing a compelling reason to wear a watch in the first place and will push the boundaries of watch design and challenge the consumer to wear SISU’S bold, strong and sizable creations.
SISU vs Rolex
These watches cater to the Alpha Male who values quality, integrity and style. For these men, SISU is the premium watch that matches their physique and makes them look good off the field. Every watch embodies bold California design with incredible Swiss quality.