Barcelona 666 Watches

Barcelona 666 timepieces are consistently cool and very affordable. Now you can save even more for a Hardcore Automatic, Under Pressure, Adventure, Alphabet, Colour, Concentric, Flask, John, Megabyte, Neogeo, Satellite, Urban, XXLED, Blend, Broke, James, Queen, Spaceworker or any other killer Barcelona watch.

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Always on the hunt for the coolest new timepieces, we discovered this very unique watch brand in Spain. It took less than a minute to know that we had to introduce this collection worldwide! From the creative minds of Spanish industrial designers Ferran Serra & Oscar Vera of Serradelarocha, they have assembled an entirely original wristwatch collection for men and women with unconventional tastes in timepieces. Each watch different from the next but all with distinctive design, personality and soul.