Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mister Cartoon Limited Edition Artist Collaboration Watch Collection with Diesel at Watchismo


Los Angeles tattoo artist Mister Cartoon (a.k.a. Mark Machado), who has branded, among others, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Beyoncé, Snoop Dog and Justin Timberlake. His corporate client list is equally high-profile: he designed a concept car for Toyota, a limited-edition shoe for Nike, a phone for T-Mobile, the logo for Cypress Hill and the lettering used in Grand Theft Auto.



Having grown up in the Harbor area of Los Angeles County, young Cartoon began airbrushing t-shirts and Lowrider cars before adopting the legendary "Fineline Style" tattoo art, which was developed in the California prison system.

Most people don't have a tattoo on their wrist but Diesel is about to change that. Diesel and the irreverent and controversial tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon, have collaborated to create two new customized limited edition watches.

This first artistic collaboration for Diesel has resulted in two distinctive models.

DZMC0001 features the artist's iconic clown face in silver on a black dial with red details and is based on his own hand-drawn design. On the back, he has revisited the famous Diesel Mohican, giving it his own satirical and creative twist. The watch features custom engraving on the side of the case and embossed stenciling on the silicone band.

DZMC0002 features oversized roman numerals by the artist, as well as his personal logo. The chronograph watch also has an LED light display function, while the silicone band is a striking olive color with custom stenciling. 

Each limited edition watch will be individually and sequentially numbered and will be sold in special packaging.