Monday, October 8, 2012

New Issey Miyake W Chronograph Available at Authorized Dealer Watchismo

Issey Miyake W Chronograph

Designer -
Satoshi Wada

The Chronograph created through the unique Japanese originality

The eleventh new series launched by the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project is "W", a Japanese chronograph watch created through a collaboration with the renowned car designer, Satoshi Wada, who worked for Audi in Germany and made remarkable achievements in designing many series.  The powerful and dynamic case is inspired by an aluminum wheel of a car and the long hands indicate the time on its precise gauge-like dial.  The concept is explained by the designer - "I designed this watch to reflect the minimal mind based on the traditional aesthetic sense of Japan."

The features of this quartz watch, the 'sweeping' seconds hand moves like an automatic mechanical watch.

Issey Miyake W Chronograph SILAY001

Issey Miyake W Chronograph SILAY002


Issey Miyake W Chronograph SILAY003

Issey Miyake W Chronograph SILAY004

 Side View

Wrist Shot