Thursday, January 10, 2013

Azimuth Landship - Turrets of Time




 This is a time machine ready for battle! Complete with a turret and a sponson (side gun), the SP-1 Landship takes you back to the mean, heavily armored war machines first seen thundering over barbed wires and trenches in WWI.

Encased in high grade Titanium, the SP-1 Landship’s turret contains a 3-dimensional Wandering Hour Drum, allowing the wearer to read the hour in an upright manner by looking inside the turret, which is different from the normal way of reading time on a flat plane. The Retrograde Minute complication can also be viewed in a similar upright fashion. The sponson on the side doubles up as the winding crown of the watch. The SP-1 Landship’s distinctive shape and function also means that the manufacturing process is different from the conventional means of watch-making, thereby pushing the boundaries of watch design and manufacture to new limits and setting a new benchmark for other watch makers to pursue.

The “engine” that powers this amazing machine is Azimuth’s own in-house modified 28,800 vph Swiss-made “X-1” retrograde minutes and wondering hour movement. And because it is modified in-house, this movement is not available to other Swiss watch manufacturers.

Each watch will have its unique serial number, etched on a loose plate on the left side of the Titanium case and bolted only when the watch is delivered – a first for the industry too.

The Landship is not the only innovative design from Azimuth that draws inspiration from objects not normally associated with watches; previous Azimuth models included a Lamborghini inspired SP-1 TBT and the Robot-shaped Mecha-1 Mr Roboto and the ever popular SP-1 Spaceship; modeled after a Spaceship of course!.

First crafted and shown to the media and trade buyers at Baselworld, the final and finer version of the SP-1 Landship is finally available!

There will only be a limited production of 100 SP-1 Landships.

Get one here; Azimuth SP-1 Landship


Click above to see the promotional video of the Azimuth SP-1 Landship