Friday, February 8, 2013

Meet The Phlox and Good Things - The Latest from Mr. Jones Watches


The Phlox and Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

These watches both use transparent disc hands to create an image that moves in and out of alignment. The effect is quite special - on Good Things a seemingly random jumble of letters suddenly aligns and allows you to read the message. 

Both the watches are released in a signed, numbered edition of 100 piece.

Phlox Floriographic Watch

The design of this Phlox is based on the woodland flower that is native to western North America (phlox diffusa). The face of the watch has an image based on the Phlox flower. The image aligns and breaks apart as the hands rotate constantly moving in and out of alignment, it's constantly changing throughout the day.

The watch is inspired by floriography, that is the Victorian system for ascribing a specific meaning to different flowers. This system was used as a way for lovers to send secret messages to each other (the message was only visible to those who could interpret the code). The case back has an engraving that explains the floriographic meaning of the flower: “our souls are united”.

Phlox is released in an edition of 100 pieces, with each watch numbered on the back of the case and signed by Mr Jones on the insert card.

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Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

Good Things has a message hidden on the face: Once every hour the the jumble of letters slide into alignment and spell out, “Good things come to those who wait”. The message extols the virtues of patience (or reminds us of patience rewarded).

The message is the antithesis of the instant rewards that are a feature of so much contemporary culture, it also reminds us that whatever short term difficulties we experience, the world will turn and there will be better times ahead.

Good things is also available in an edition of 100 pieces, each watch numbered on the case back and comes with a signed certificate from the designer.

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