Monday, February 4, 2013

Slip Watches - New Colors - New Collection at Watchismo


New Colors!

Full Collection of Nonlinear Design Slip Watches Now Available

"Sometimes all it takes is the slightest nudge to turn something ordinary into extraordinary."

– Dan Rubinstein, Editor in Chief at Surface Magazine

The unisex Slip Watch is a simple, minimal watch and appears to have slipped on the band.

This inferred movement gives the watch its unique character. The face crosses the wrist band at 20 degrees, making it more ergonomic to read. The edge of the band penetrates the casing at hours 12 and 9, making the minimal face easier to read. A continuous one inch strap slides through the back of the watch eliminating the need for removable pins that can fail or become lost.

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Designer Evan Clabots

For Clabots, design is a process of developing a complete story. Form no longer follows function. Instead, there is an interconnected play between what something looks like, how it works and how it interacts with someone’s life. His process is driven by the question of “why something is?”, not “what something is?”. Each defining element in his work acts in context with the other. Together they form a cohesive and compelling narrative.