Thursday, May 23, 2013

Death To Analog - New Digital Destruction, Time Is Short, Nadir & Lunaround from PROJECTS WATCHES at Watchismo


A Gaggle of Cool New Concept Watches from Projects

Time for some fun!

Analog cruelty defined by Projects 'Digital Destruction' watch. Quite literally busting through a traditional hand dial to expose the glowing digits below the face.

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projects2Available in three styles, click image to see the Digital Destruction collection

Projects 'Time Is Short' Mystery X-Ray Watch

With a flick of the wrist, remind yourself that you're just flesh and bone! The first wristwatch within a wristwatch timepiece.

projects3Projects Time Is Short Watch

Projects 'Nadir' Orbiting Hands Watch

Not like anything we've seen before at Watchismo, the Nadir watch has three central facing hands floating across a blacked out dial orbiting a central 'core' of time display, truly unique! A Nadir is the deepest point on a celestial sphere directly beneath a surface position.
Projects7265sideProjects Nadir Watch

Projects 'Lunaround' Disc/Hand Watch

A simple hour hand? No, wait, it's floating... Look again, those are digits being exposed underneath the hand!
Projects7268sideProjects Lunaround Watch