Friday, June 28, 2013

New Additions for Nava Design, Triwa, G-Shock and VOID Watches at Watchismo


New collections this week from Nava Design, Triwa, G-Shock and VOID Watches

The Nava Design "Plicate" designed by Benjamin Hubert is modeled after the pleats found in folded paper fans.
Triwa of Sweden Nevil in Stirling Brown & Le Bleu

The Nevil was Triwa's way of adding a little more sophistication to a chronographs without losing out on the functionality. And a quite fine job they did too, if you don’t mind us saying so? It also marked the start of our love affair with the first-class Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, a collaboration that’s still going strong. The Nevil is a real cornerstone of the TRIWA experience.

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G-Shock GA-300-1ACR Metallic Shadow Black Limited Edition

These new GA Series models pack combination analog and digital timekeeping in a highly popular large case. Moving gears present the internal mechanical workings of the watch for a multi-dimensional design. A dial at 10 o'clock shows more information about stopwatch timing. A pair of high-luminance LEDs provide a higher level of brightness that reflects off the metallic finish of the hands and hour markers for a look that is cool and high-tech. All of this plus outstanding shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, and magnetism resistance make these watches as practical as they are fashionable.

See The G-Shock Metallic Shadow
G-Shock XL Lap Memory 60 Gloss Blue & Black

Based on Casio's advanced wristwatch technology, the new Lap Memory 60 G-Shock has a 100-hour 1/100th second stopwatch, 24-hour repeat countdown timer. The LAP Memory 60 feature lets you store up to 60 records in memory, each record including the date, lap time and split time. It's the perfect watch for every runner as it serves the purpose of acting as a tool to help achieve their running goals. Because it is a G-Shock it can be worn from track, to trail and into the water, just about every condition imaginable.

Check out the XL Lap Memory 60 in Gloss Blue Check out the XL Lap Memory 60 in Black
G-Shock Gravity Defier Digital Compass/Twin Sensor Black

This new model is the first in the Gravity Defier lineup to be equipped with digital compass capabilities, creating a watch that is perfectly matched to the needs of the modern aviator, both in terms of function and appearance. Pressing the 9 o'clock button in any mode immediately goes to the Digital Compass Mode, and a button at 8 o'clock returns to the mode you were in before the Digital Compass Mode. Continual direction readings can be taken for 20 seconds, during which the second hand points to north, a literal direction indicator is displayed in the upper display, and a direction angle value is displayed in the lower display. Bearing Memory lets you temporarily store and display a direction reading so you can use it as a reference as you take subsequent digital compass readings. Other features include temperature measurement, large numerals, and thick hands for easy reading. A coating on the tip of the second hand and minute markers reacts with the black light illumination of the watch for easy reading in the dark.

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The VOID V02 Retrograde in Steel/Yellow & Gold/Green

The VO2 collection expands their already stylish designs with their trademark steel block case. It's a retrograde of sorts, not a flyback but rather a half dial with double hands. Each with different lengths and corresponding markers measured and colored to match the hours and minutes viewed on the dashboard style display. As each hand rotates along the semi-circle markers, they reach the end (upper left) and go out of view allowing the opposite longer or shorter hand to come into view on the opposite side.

A long story short, the circular style of traditional analog displays are thrown out the window with this cool new watch!

Check out the VOID V02 in Mustard Yellow and Gold & Green as well as the newly introduced All Gold with Steel Strap! (shown below)