Friday, July 26, 2013

Projects Till Watch Tells The Time In Words - Ingenious New Timepiece Just Revealed at Watchismo



Telling time is about more than numbers, it’s about the relationship between now and then.


The New Projects Till Watch explores this relationship - so it’s not just 9:50, it’s “Ten Till Ten.” It’s not merely 12:30, it’s “Half past Twelve.”
Yet the words we use to tell time have rarely been reflected on a watch. In our digital age, this useful language is starting to disappear.

Digital watches change the way we view time - presenting it as linear rather than cyclical - distancing us from the very nature of time, which, like the earth’s trip around the sun, is repeated every day.

So don’t just read the time, tell it.

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ProjectsTillTimeDisplaysideways.1The variations of time-telling on the Projects Till Watch