Friday, August 16, 2013

Nixon Luxe Heritage Watches - October, 51-30 Chronograph, Sentry & Corporal


Grit, Guts and Style!

Nixon Luxe Heritage Collection

Born worn, Nixon partnered with some of the most talented craftsmen using unique premium leathers, materials and detailing to create products rooted in character and history. Horween leather with hand-sewn whip stitched detailing give it a sense of worldly inspiration. It’s a collection you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.

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Nixon October Luxe Heritage

Built tough like the steel it's forged in, The October is custom made of grit, guts and uncompromising function. With an inventive case design, domed magnifying crystal and crafted leather band, it may not look like your grandpa's watch, but he'd be damn proud to wear it.

Inspired by the clocks used in American submarines, the October is no-nonsense style with the high-grade custom construction to match.

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Luxe Heritage

With superior functionality

It’s simple: functionality sheathed in some of the most rugged and sophisticated cases you’ll find anywhere. With an impressive outlay of utility on each watch’s dial, the 51-30 Chronograph will hold up to anything. It's an uncompromising design for exacting situations, and stylish enough for those who want to look good throughout.

Nixon Corporal Luxe Heritage

A forceful display of superior style.

The new Corporal takes command. Stripped of all but the essential function of keeping true time, the Corporal distinguishes itself as a leader. The strategic blend of high-caliber construction and disciplined design result in a forceful display of superior style. Reporting for duty is a watch that's simply, functional and rugged: the all new Corporal. With a Horween leather or canvas band, stainless and enamel case and a no-fuss, modern face design, it's tough enough to see you through your most hardcore assignments - and good enough to sport off-duty.

Nixon Sentry Luxe Heritage

This beautiful Sentry made of durable 316L stainless steel is certainly the highlight of this amazing product. It took designers and engineers a heck of a lot of work to bring this pure shape alive. The result is an object that, seen from all angles, is perfectly symmetrical.

Nixon 51-30 Gunmetal & Titanium Lume

The best for last!

There's classic, and there's stuck in the past. There's timeless, and there's timelessness that adapts to changing times. With an unwavering focus to make our best even better, Nixon took their anthem, the 51-30, and brought it forward. We kept the same burly design and molded dial features that made the 51-30 a Nixon favorite for years, and we joined them with a flyweight titanium construction. This, combined with a hardened mineral crystal, make this watch the lightest and strongest model in the 51-30 family. The result is a timepiece that takes tradition to an nontraditional place.