Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Mr. Jones Average Days Watch - Not Your Average Timepiece!

Average time spent eating...

New Mr Jones Average Days 24 Hour Watch

An entire day averaged out on the dial.  

How Does Your Day Compare?

Limited edition of only 100 watches (individually numbered)

Average Days visualizes statistical research into how the average person spends their time. The colored slot shows what the average person is doing at any particular time of day. You can see how you measure up to this ‘average’ individual and whether you, on average, are more or less average.

The data for this watch was compiled for us by Professor Jonathan Gershuny who is director of the Centre for Time Use Research. The data is taken from nearly 5,000 people who participated in a survey looking at their weekday activities.
All 24 hours of the day are represented on the dial and unlike most traditional watches, this watch translates an entire day with one revolution of the activities-hour-hand.

Your Average Days, but not your average watch!


47-L6-howtoreadHow To Read the 24 Hour Dial Display - The hour hand rotates the dial only once a day!
Average time spent with friends
Average time spent sleeping

About Mr. Jones Watches


These Watches are intelligently crafted design pieces that do more than just tell the time...
Designed by Crispin Jones, they are genuine indie products entirely conceived and executed following a singular vision. To use a cinematic analogy: most watches may be thought of as Hollywood blockbusters replete with happy ending and saccharine sentiment; Mr Jones Watches in contrast are film noir - interested in the anti-hero and the complicated pleasures of everyday life...

“The watch today is a defunct tool - we all have a mobile phone to check the time on, but the watch endures because it expresses something of our personality. Whilst many watches are a symbol of material wealth, Mr Jones Watches are concerned with ideas.” Crispin Jones, founder.

Founded by London-based designer Crispin Jones in 2007, Mr Jones Watches aims to create and produce watches that do more than just tell the time. A masters Degree from the Royal College of Art combined with a history designing for companies including Casio Research and Phillips Design has influenced the way Crispin approached his designs.

To achieve the intricate and playful designs in the collection, Mr Jones Watches uses a series of rotating disks layed on top of each other. The idea, usually used in the design of children’s watches, allows for intricate illustrations and more experimental layouts; whilst still showing the time.

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