Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Skagen Watch Collections - Danish Design Perfected!


Simply Perfect Designs

Skagen Watches Are Back & Better Than Ever

Simplicity is not another word for poverty. On the contrary, it can be a source of abundance, both material and spiritual. But simplicity can also take a powerful form, one which never compromises on the overall shape of an object or an idea.

Skagen has recently revamped their core collection, now true to their Danish aesthetics more than ever, just take a look, a picture is worth a thousand hours!

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Skagen Perspektive

Seamlessly blending natural elements with modern design, Perspektiv features a jet-black steel dial connected with a earthy leather strap.

Skagen Klassik

Classic, functional design and supreme quality are trademarks of Skagen, and this minimal timepiece is an excellent example of both. The understated round case is accentuated with black and bright orange seconds hand and a genuine leather or SS mesh strap.

Skagen Tradition

Of course, Skagen wouldn't be Skagen without some of their classic design elements like these chronographs -- now improved inside and out!