Friday, November 15, 2013

New NOVO Watch Collection at Watchismo - See the Mayhem, Unknown & Street Watches


New NOVO Watches

Watches Built From Action & Reaction

Just a few years ago, NOVO was nothing more than some drawings and an idea consuming Steve Christensen. Practicing action sports in the summer and winter, Steve was frustrated that he couldn't get his hands on a timepiece that symbolized that aspect of his life. Why did it seem that no matter how unique or intriguing a watch looked at first, it felt like everyone ended up wearing the same thing? He was looking for something different, and realized that he was looking for more than a watch - something to remind him of the exhilaration felt from pushing a sport to the limits and something to remind him to let that passion push the rest of his life to the next level.

Two years of meticulous attention to detail, prototyping and a plethora of powder days later, NOVO became the watches you see here today. The watches they make inspire daily with memories of those times in life that raise the hairs on the back of our necks. They are a symbol of the moments in time we killed it and a reminder of the need to do it again.

Get off your butt and check them out here;

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NOVO Mayhem

A perfect blend of simplicity and style, the Mayhem tips its hat to traditionalists. It utilizes all three hands to tell you the time like a prisoner counting the days until his release...

NOVO Unknown

In a time of ever changing trends it seemed impossible to please the masses, that is until they remembered one of the oldest rules in the book : it's hip to be square.

A unique display of minutes creeping bit by bit into view behind the hour markers themselves...

NOVO Street

Considered the classiest NOVO watch, the street explains the time by lining up a revolving disk with a line on the face. They thought that rather than make hands do all the work spinning, sometimes it’s nice for the time to come to them.