Friday, March 7, 2014

Cool New Watches from Mr. Jones, 01 The One, Triwa and Vestal


Cool New Watches This Week at Watchismo


Mr. Jones BPM "Beats per Minute" Limited Edition Watch

Extremely limited edition of only 100 ever made

“The nocturnal world of international DJing is all about keeping time: a top DJ should to be aware of the speed of each piece of music in his library. I thought it would be useful for DJ’s to have a simple graphic solution to calculating BPM’s built in to the watch itself."

"To calculate the bpm of a track: wait until the seconds hand aligns at 9, 12 and 3 on the watch (denoted by a full white circle) and start counting the quarter notes/beats as you’re listening to the music. It's much easier with House/Techno music as the bass drum usually falls on these quarter note beats.

You'll see the white circles gradually filling up with red and blue, stop counting when the white circle appears again. Multiply the count by four and you have the bpm.On the rear of the watch are some basic bpm ranges for a selection of current dance music genres".

01 the One Samui Moon SM102G2 All Steel Binary LED

Just $69 - 56% Off For A Limited Time!

No place is as pristine and untamed, simultaneously, as Koh Samui. This tropical paradise is filled with unearthly sights, waterfalls, and white sand beaches as well as a very fair share of wild and unending parties. The Samui Moon was made to capture the essence of this island. Even though this watch is seemingly simple at first-glance its l.e.d. binary time system takes every bystander by surprise. It is a mix of futuristic, simple, geek, and post-post modern design. Be different.

Triwa Lansen Chrono Rose Gold Watch

Brand new collection in very limited supply

A slender watch designed to sit skintight on your wrist, with a pared-down dial inspired by the restrained functionality of mid-century aviator watches. Lansen has a fixed lug construction which allows you to effortlessly change straps. Put on your best scarf or your favorite leather bracelet, the only limitation is your imagination.

Rose Lansen Chrono comes in a rose gold case with a dressier link bracelet. It's a slim contemporary chronograph, with signature round hour index and date function at 4h. The watch comes with radially brushed dials and subtle colorful detailing.

Triwa Lansen Chrono Stirling Watch

Stirling Lansen Chrono comes in a stainless steel case combined with a mesh strap.
1Vestal DIG029

Vestal Digichord in Tiffany Blue

This cool watch is a cool $44 bucks for a limited time!

The Digichord is Vestal’s thinnest and most lightweight watch. The 41mm wide polycarbonate case is only 5.5 millimeters at its thickest point. (see side view above!) That’s not much thicker than a couple compact discs (remember those?). The 24mm wide polyurethane strap with locking keeper holds the ultra-thin watch to your wrist. It’s so lightweight that if you didn’t get so many compliments while wearing it then you’d forget you had it on.