Fresh Baked New Timepieces from Slow Watches, Projects and Skagen - Get 'em while they're hot!

New Slow Jo, Projects Free Time & Skagen!

We specialize in only the most unique timepieces from around the world and are constantly adding to our stable of cool watches. This week's new additions are from Slow, Projects and Skagen Watches.

Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Vintage Leather Brown/Black

Evolve the way you think about time.
The great thing is that the 24 hour dial allows you to see the entire day in one view. This fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and it will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day.

The Slow Jo watch has a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement that originally has 4 hands plus the date. Slow Watches only use the one hand that shows the 24 hour time in order to create a true slow watch that is reduced to only one necessary component. But we think it’s pretty cool to know that there actually is quite a complex movement happening inside of your watch.

Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Vintage Leather Black/Gold

The combination of our black vintage strap with a gold case is might be a bit daring - but it just looks awesome! It's made for those of you who want to stand out with style and a fresh look as well as more a firm and strong leather strap.

Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Olive Canvas/Black

If you err on the dark side this all black leather strap military watch is the way to go! You will appreciate the Italian made calf leather strap and the tonal army look. Many people buy it because it's one of the most sporty one hand watches out there. Join them!
Skagen SKW6066full

Skagen SKW6066 Klassik Multifunction

In an affluent, class-less society like Denmark’s, cultural concepts such as design, is accessible to all. The fundamental attitude is liberal and the design is for everyone. Classic Danish design dating back to the fifties is experiencing a huge renaissance. A Skagen watch keeps that spirit alive with their minimal streamlined wristwatch designs.
Skagen SKW6065full

Skagen SKW6065 Klassik Multifunction

The classic everyday look of this watch pairs perfectly with the quick pace of busy spring days.
Skagen SKW6076full

Skagen SKW6076 Akiv Chrono Titanium

As spring speeds into gear, stay on track with a versatile timepiece designed to turn heads. A durable titanium band meets a distinctive multifunction titanium case to create a lightweight and strong timepiece.

Inspired by the strength of sprouts emerging after a long winter, this substantial timepiece signals readiness to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.
Skagen SKW6082full

Skagen SKW6082 Klassik Date Brown

The strong point-of-view of this to-the-point timepiece embodies clean Danish-inspired design. Sleek and purposeful, the classic watch face pairs with a rich leather band to create a sleek look that lasts.

Bigger 40mm Projects Free Time Mystery Dial - Leather

The now bigger 40mm Free Time Watch designed by Laurinda Spear is a must have for any watch enthusiast. This is one of those watches that you’ve gotta have! We call this one of our kinetic watches as something is always happening. Previously released as a 33mm model, this new version is 40mm in diameter.

The planets trace rings around the Sun, each one completing a full orbit in a different amount of time in relation to its distance from the Sun. Our most important measurement of time, the year, is based on this full rotation around the Sun. In fact, all our major units of time (day, month, year) are based on different rotation periods.

So, like the planets tracing their various orbits around the Sun, the rings on this watch each move with different rotational speeds to indicate the time. The three concentric circles rotate clockwise with each gap in the circle communicating the precise time. The hour, minute and seconds are defined by the outer, middle and inner rings respectively”.

40mm Projects Free Time Steel Mesh

Architecturally designed to be modish, trendy and stylish, with both intensely unique styles as well as more classic ones, bringing the architecture of our everyday lives right to your wrist with chic fashion. A bold collection of varied designs, the collection is a vast array of unique timepieces that will surely cause someone to stop and ask...