Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New CT Scuderia Bullhead Chronographs from Italy


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Introducing the latest additions

Not many brands just take off and hit the 'sweet spot' with all sorts of watch collectors -- but that's just what happened when we tested out the new brand CT Scuderia less than a year ago. Due to the overwhelming reception by our customers, we've quickly expanded our collection with the following latest additions. These are entirely unique 'Bullhead' style watches unlike anything we've seen before...and we've seen a LOT!

Designed by Enrico Margaritelli, the CT Scuderia brings to life, the visions and ideas developed on the dashboard of this visionary Italian designer. From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, Enrico shares his family legacy with the world one watch face at a time.

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CTScuderia CS10212full
CT Scuderia Dashboard Automatic -Black/Silver
Continuing the racing heritage inherent to the whole line, CT Scuderia introduces the all new Dashboard Collection taking inspiration from legendary racing cars and motorbikes.
The dials are replicas of the most famous speedometers used in vintage motorbikes and automobiles around the world. The Dashboard Collection features a uniquely placed crown at the 6 o’ clock position, the place where vintage dashboards originally had their kilometer re-set button.
CTScuderia CS10114full
CT Scuderia Dirt Track -Black/Silver
Taking inspiration from the race course itself, the dial details of the Dirt Track Collection are oval which resemble the oval dirt track that is the ultimate test of man and machine. Introducing for the first time, silicon-constructed straps with 3 holes for breathability, the watches allow for the best performance possible.
CTScuderia CS10214full
CTScuderia CS10210full
CTScuderia CS10125full
CT Scuderia Saturno Bullhead Chrono Italia
Dedicated to the Gilera Saturno which was made in Italy from 1946 to 1958. Only 6,026 were made, but they have left a lasting mark in motorcycle history. In style & construction, CT Scuderia's Italian blood runs deep. The Saturno shows its Italian pride with red, white and green accents on the pushers, crown and hands. The rose gold case with black lugs really makes this watch stand out.