A Bumper Crop of New Ingersoll Watches Have Arrived


Many New Ingersoll Just Added

Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich company history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern classic styling of their wide-ranging collections, you're sure to find one you'll love and wear for years to come.
Ingersoll Dual Time Limited Edition Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Again, this watch has all the finishing and styling of a very expensive watch 
Ingersoll Dual Time Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Another dual time zone automatic with big date & power reserve meter for just a few hundred bucks.
Ingersoll Pullman Limited Edition Automatic Watch

This automatic has all the finishing of a watch costing thousands of dollars but costing just a few hundred...
Ingersoll Pullman Black Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Clean, classic & crazy affordable (under $200)
Ingersoll IN4511RBKfull
Ingersoll IN4511RBK Okies Automatic Rose Gold Watch

The beauty of rose gold & black can not be denied! Look at this perfect specimen with open heart balance wheel...
Ingersoll IN8010BKfull
Ingersoll IN8010BK San Diego Automatic Asymmetric Watch

A very cool & subtle asymmetric design allowing the power reserve to jut outside the dial of the watch.
Limited Edition Ingersoll IN3105BBKW Mechanical Watch

Black & Tan without any froth! Very few will be produced in this extremely limited edition. 
Limited Edition Ingersoll IN3105BBKO Mechanical Watch

Black & Orange, unmistakeably cool color combo! Also very few will be produced in this extremely limited edition.

Ingersoll in3105bbkw back
Ingersoll IN3105SCR Mechanical Limited Edition Watch

Seriously, this collection is going to fly away, don't miss your opportunity for getting another discount on top of already discounted prices. The caseback shows off this beautiful movement for all the ltd. ed. mechanical watches shown here.
Ingersoll Sapphire Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph

One word...MESH! Part of the very limited Sapphire collection, produced in very low numbers.
Ingersoll IN1308BKMBfull
Ingersoll IN1308BKMB Crockett Day/Date Automatic Silver Mesh Watch

High contrast dial, exposed balance wheel & mesh bracelet work in perfect unison here.
Ingersoll 120th Anniversary Black Limited Edition Automatic Watch

A bargain -- this stylish black GMT automatic is just a few hundred bucks, for a limited time and while supplies last.
Ingersoll 120th Anniversary Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Another deal and a half for under $200.  Timing is everything.