Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top Ten Square Watches - It's Hip To Be Square!


Our Top Ten Square Watches

Aren't you tired of the cliche round watch? If we see another circle, we might just throw up! It's time for our own 'round-up' of some favorite square watches at Watchismo.

See some of our picks below or you can always check out our new square watch category here.

Sometimes it's good to think inside the box.

A modern classic from Nixon Watches, the Nixon Murf is a disc dial like no other. One disc for minutes, the other for hours -- both line up like a turntable to tell the time. Cool features include top case crown, dial illumination from lamp and secret message seen only from one specific angle...

Did we mention it is 50% off? Well, now we did.

Check out the Black Nixon Murf Watch
Ahead of its time, the early seventies LIP Watches still look as modern today as they did back in 1973. Especially this new chocolate brown LIP Mach 2000. Created by famed French industrial designer Roger Tallon, the Mach 2000 collection all feature spheres for crowns.

Check out the LIP Mach 2000 Brown Square Watch
The master of approximate timing comes from an unlikely source, Germany! Like you, we thought Germans only make things precise with precision but not the Qlocktwo. This watch is like nothing else, time is told in words with approximation -- y'know, the way we all describe time in reality.

Check out Qlocktwo Watches
Nooka did it first, time in dots, dashes and blocks of liquid crystal. This forever cool NYC brand was the originator of interpreting and seeing time in a whole new way.

Best of all, all Nooka watches at Watchismo are friggin 60% off!

Check out all Nooka Watches on sale
The Barcelona 666 "Megabyte" series is what is commonly called a "mystery dial". Two dots rotate the outer circle revealing the hours and minutes. One hand is distinguished by the other with one solid and one outlined dot-marker.

Check out the Barcelona 666 Megabyte Watch
We love everything Dieter Rams has designed and we're really excited to now sell the Braun collection of watches. They perfectly capture his "Less is More" ethos.

Check out the Braun Minimal Square Watch
Uhr-Kraft watches of Germany produce massive machines of mechanical precision. We are lucky to have a rare deal on the entire brand, many up to 75% off. Don't miss out, once these sell, that's it.

Check out Uhr-Kraft Watches
01 The One always produces original watches and this is no exception. Simplicity is always attractive if done right and this 'Spinning Wheel' disc watch is definitely done right. And this watch is a major bargain at just $79 bucks, that's 60% off.

Check out the 01 The One Spinning Wheel Watch
Black & White Simplicity... The Vestal Quadra is quite simply a cool timepiece, easy to read, stylish and with 50% code VESTAL50, yours for only $120. That's a fact Jack!

Check out the Vestal Quadra Black Watch
You want square, we've got square -- this impressive timepiece from Ingersoll Watches is a giant cube of steel and functionality. Featuring an automatic mechanical movement with triple date and dual time zone might appear to be a time-traveling homing device.

Check out the Ingersoll Bison Square Watch