Sunday, April 6, 2014

Top Ten WTF? Watches - Cool & Unusual Timepieces From Around The World


Top Ten WTF? Watches at Watchismo

Watches tell us so much more than just the time. From alternative designs and mystifying displays to unique materials and complex movements, our selection offers endless ways to spark up a conversation about what's on your wrist. Liven up a lame happy hour or even redeem yourself after a faux pas: Express your personality with a watch that demands to be noticed. Check out our Top 10 WTF? watches below to find one that gives you the time of day...
Squiggles for hands? Yup, this absolutely confounding looking timepiece from Nava Design is actually super easy to read the time.
Check out the Nava Ora Unica
Looks confusing, doesn't it? It's actually quite cool, this triple handed Aeromatic splits up the hours and minutes into three phases. Mensa membership not required...
Check out the Aeromatic Triple Phase Mechanical
Seriously, this is as WTF as it gets. Hands floating in space? That's the idea with the zero gravity concept of this M-Theory watch.
Check out the M-Theory Time & Space Zero Gravity Moonlight Watch
We've had our share of "what the heck is going on there?" with our first Watchismo brand, Xeric. The first watch named the XERICSCOPE features a fully-exposed, orbiting 12-hour mechanical movement (that is also the hour hand!) with one of a kind double-sided minute hand and dual timezone display.

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If you know Mr. Jones watches, you know there is always a tinge of life and death in every timepiece he creates. Never more true than with the Vingt Mille, an homage to the fearless Captain Nemo, this watch shows the dramatic attack of the giant squid from 20,000 leagues under the sea. The endless battle between squid and man depicts the time, from hour to hour each appears to be gaining the upper hand. The two men being held by the squid indicate the hours and minutes.
Check out the Mr. Jones Vingt Mille
It doesn't get nuttier than this, a watch with no display whatsoever! Retrogadget watch pioneer Click Watches created the KEYPAD. A chunky number pad and no distinguishable display adds up to a cool new way to showcase the time!
Check out the Click Watches Keypad Watch
Something doesn't seem quite right here, right??? At first glance, it is an elegant, minimal watch. But things are not so simple. A subtle effect is taking place as elusive numbers pass in and out of view. The hour "hand" is actually a disk, with the hand silhouette reversed out, exposing the numbered face beneath.
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Mutewatch Poppy Red1Glow, Swipe & Vibrate, the Mutewatch in Poppy Red
This is a watch?

Indeed it is, the Mutewatch is designed to be simple and intuitive. Just tap the flat surface and the touch screen lights up, then swipe through the functions clock, alarm and timer.
You set the time for your alarms by tapping directly on the digits – tap on the top of the digit for a higher number or on the bottom of the digit for a lower one. When you want to erase an alarm, simply pinch the touch screen.
The Mutewatch also features a built-in motion sensor. High levels of movement trigger an increase in the intensity of the vibrating alarm and a simple flick of your wrist activates the glowing display from underneath the case.

Check out the Mutewatch
-devonDevon Tread 2 'The Shining'
Two words sum up the WTF watch of WTF watches, 'Rotating Belts!' Unless you've seen one operate in person, it's hard to imagine just how cool this watch really is. Wear this watch and you're an instant rock star as people literally stop you in the street. Truth be told, you gotta nearly be a rock star to afford one but they are worth every penny.
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 slipNonlinear Slip Watch SW02 in stainless steel and brown leather
Off kilter? Out of whack? Nope, this is the Nonlinear Slip watch. Appropriately named, this simple, minimal watch appears to have slipped on the band. This inferred movement gives the watch its unique character. The face crosses the wrist band at 20 degrees, making it more ergonomic to read. The edge of the band penetrates the casing at hours 12 and 9, making the minimal face easier to read.
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