Thursday, May 22, 2014

Limited Edition G-Shock Frogman, Mudman, Rangeman, Neon Analog & Camouflage Watch Collection


Extremely Limited Supply

These Will Sell Out Within Days

You snooze, you'll lose on this collection. We can hardly keep really limited G-Shock watches like these in stock before they sell out, some disappear within a day of release.
So here's your chance, as a subscriber, you're getting this before anyone else.
Timing is everything!
Get your LTD G-Shock HERE or take a look at the specific models just released below...
The GD-120 Series sports a new case design. The woodland camouflage pattern of the GD-120CM models utilize new printing technology was applied to create the case and band patterns of these models, as well as the camouflage patterns of their faces.
Gshock GW9400NV 2full
Altimeter, Barometer & Compass
The RANGEMAN GW-9400 watches are the latest additions to the “Master of G” series and provide functions, construction and operability designed to support the wearer, even in survival situations. The new watches incorporate triple sensors to measure compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature—a first for a G-SHOCK watch. Users can check compass bearing information in situations with limited visibility for orienting, or use barometric information to forecast sudden changes in weather.
GShock GF1000NV 2CRfull
This new FROGMAN model combines the best in G-SHOCK performance with the latest technological advances. Features include Tough Solar, Moon Phase Graph, Moon Age Indicator, Tide Graph, World Time, 5 alarms, and more. The use of stainless steel instead of titanium provides greater design freedom, which is evident in the watch's polished metal parts and machined buttons. The back and bezel are made of diamond-like carbon that resists scratching and wear.
Inside the watch is a new LSI that delivers very fast processing speed, so tide calculation is much faster than previous FROGMAN models.
Gshock G9300NV 2full
This new MUDMAN model is the first one to be equipped with a direction sensor and thermo sensor that help you keep your bearings whenever you adventure into parts unknown. The touch of a button goes directly into the Compass Mode from any other mode. A Moon Phase graph gives you an idea of whether the nighttime hours will be dark or light. A declination function even makes it possible to adjust the watch's magnetic north direction reading so it indicates true north.
All of this plus Tough Solar to keep everything working, and total shock and mud resistance to keep everything well-protected.
GShock GA110TS1A4full
Crossing the line between fashion and function, the new GA110TS series ties-up with the latest in street fashion. Pops of neon color on the dial set against cool shades of grey on the body, lets everyone know your style is on point and you're in the game. GA110TS-1A4 is dark grey resin analog-digital watch with orange neon accents.
GShock GA110TS8A3full
GA110TS-8A3 is grey resin analog-digital watch with neon green accents.
GShock GA110TS8A2full
GA110TS-8A2 is dark grey resin analog-digital watch with neon blue accents.