Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cool Chronographs for a Hot Summer


Our Top Chronographs

You hear this a lot from us but timing really is everything and never more so than with the good ol' chronograph watch. Whether you like a chrono for it's complex design and subdial layout or if you actually utilize the stopwatch and chronograph timing, Watchismo will sell you one that is truly original and unusual.
Check out some of our top picks below or take some time to stroll our chronograph category at Watchismo here.
Aren't you tired of the same ol' boring watches you see at the mall or the jewelry store? That's why we created Watchismo -- we comb the Earth for only the most unique watches.

On your mark, get set, GO! Some of our favorites are below:

CTScuderia CS10110 FULL
We love bullheads and no other brand has just owned the design concept like CT Scuderia. Combining vintage and modern aesthetics perfectly with the most stunning leather straps selections.
Casio GShock MTG silver frontblack
The MTG -- G-Shock's first foray into the higher end watch market and they have been moving fast since we introduced them at Watchismo. Not many left and once they're gone, that's it due to the very limited edition.
DIESEL DZ7314front
This thing is a beast. Yeah, it's got a fully functional chronograph but that's just the beginning. Look around, that's two, no that's three entirely other time zones and two of them are jump hour discs! Supercool and the blue and brown is a perfect combo.
The Nixon Magnacon, part of the Elite collection from Nixon is produced in very low numbers and available at very few dealers. We're lucky to have a great relationship with Nixon and can now offer many of the Elite collection at 40% off! See them all here.
The Nixon Axis is the polar opposite of the complex chrono, it's been stripped away of most detail and the subdials have been arranged in a straight line, very very modern & minimal chronograph concept, we likey!
An icon of watch design, originally introduced in 1973 in France, this ultra modern chronograph was far ahead of its time. Faithfully reintroduced by LIP France in excruciating detail.
Highly stylized and extremely dimensional, this brand based in Lugano Switzerland is like no other. Taking watchmaking to new 'heights'!
The Nevil was Triwa's way of adding a little more sophistication to a chronographs without losing out on the functionality. And a quite fine job they did too, if you don’t mind us saying so? It also marked the start of our love affair with the first-class Swedish tannery Tärnsjö,
A690.30304.11SBB HEROb
The classic Swiss Railway watch now in a chronograph version.
The Helicop is Uhr-Kraft's toughest looking timepiece... You don't wear it, it wears you!
Vestal ZR2008FULL
This is an awesome collection like no other. The De Novo has a very dimensional dial of rings, chrono subdials and retrograde date. Its name is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning", "afresh", "anew", "beginning again". Sounds good to us...
Oh we love when a design comes along and just messes with your head. None better than the Vestal Minimalist collection and the army of chronographs. Simply the most minimal chronograph ever made.
K38 702
Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich company history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern styling of their wide-ranging collections, you're sure to find the perfect one.
Summed up, those are shock absorbers! Nuff said...
Raidillon timepieces are powered by Swiss-engineered movements, which are self-winding. All watches are part of a limited series of 55 timepieces. A number derived from the company’s official partnership with the epic Spa 24-hour race, in which 55 cars are eligible to take part. And just like in motor racing, the forbidding number 13 has been left out.
HYGGE is a unique watch brand directly influenced by Scandinavian design and based on Japanese quality and technical high-standards. Its minimalist aesthetic, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship are a hallmark of both cultures.
Triwa LansenChronoWalterFront
A slender watch designed to sit skintight on your wrist, with a pared-down dial inspired by the restrained functionality of mid-century aviator watches. Lansen has a fixed lug construction which allows you to effortlessly change straps. Put on your best scarf or your favorite leather bracelet, the only limitation is your imagination.
The eleventh new series launched by the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project is "W", a Japanese chronograph watch created through a collaboration with the renowned car designer, Satoshi Wada, who worked for Audi in Germany and made remarkable achievements in designing many series. The powerful and dynamic case is inspired by an aluminum wheel of a car and the long hands indicate the time on its precise gauge-like dial. The concept is explained by the designer - "I designed this watch to reflect the minimal mind based on the traditional aesthetic sense of Japan."
The Danskrono combines the aesthetics of a classic watch with the functions of a chronometer and date indicator. A wristwatch that fits all your daily requirements, meetings, stressful times in a classic design that is timeless. A watch that would look perfectly at home being worn with a suit, yet not out of place for daily wear because its minimalism is just plain-attractive.
As head of design at Braun, Dieter Rams emerged as one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century by defining an elegant, legible, yet rigorous visual language for its products. Form is function on Braun timepieces.
Tsovet TS221010 57FULL
TSOVET enjoys designing and building watches. It is something they've been doing for a long time. Influenced by the design details of Industrial and Aerospace design engineers of yesteryear. TSOVET takes pride infusing their utilitarian approach to building product that makes a lasting impression. The durability and precision, as well as styling and functionality, of vintage industrial and avionic instrumentation gauges have always captured our attention.