New Thin, Minimal Classic Skagen Watches Now Available


Skagen's Strength...

Simply Perfect Minimal Design

Simplicity can take a powerful form, one which never compromises on the overall shape of an object or an idea. Skagen has recently revamped their core collection, now, more than ever, true to their Danish aesthetics -- just take a look, a picture is worth a thousand minutes!
Skagen SKW6070

Skagen Havene Chronograph

In an affluent, class-less society like Denmark’s, cultural concepts such as design, is accessible to all. The fundamental attitude is liberal and the design is for everyone. Classic Danish design dating back to the fifties is experiencing a huge renaissance. A Skagen watch keeps that spirit alive with their minimal streamlined wristwatch designs.
Skagen SKW6071
Skagen SKW6085
Skagen SKW6053
Skagen SKW6086