Set Your Phasers to Save - 60% Off Select Vestal Watches


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60% Off Select Vestal Watches

Prices start at $30 and nothing is more than $136!
Forget pesky coupon codes, all these Vestal watches are now automatically reduced by 60%. Straight forward down & dirty discounts man. It's just more 'logical' isn't it?
You gotta admit, this deal is too good to pass up -- some of our most popular Vestal watches are now way more than half off and you'll never find a deal as good as this for a Destroyer, Restrictor, Observer, Guide, Datamat, ZR4, ZR3, ZR2, Heirloom, Monte Carlo, Doppler, Yacht, Dolby, Canteen, Canteen or Digichord.
We love Vestal, that's why they have been available at Watchismo since our early days! These are more than just timepieces, they are accessories that fine-tune style and expression. They are products of a lifestyle, watches that compliment the well-being and personal sensibilities of the music-inspired individual.