XERIC Xeriscope - The Most Funded Mechanical Watch On Kickstarter Is Now In Stock


The Xeric Xeriscope Halo Is Now Available

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There was no way to expect this incredible result -- our Xeriscope watches nearly reached a half million dollars on Kickstarter! Despite this age of electronic gadgetry, we were obviously thrilled to learn that so many people, like us, want highly unusual (& affordable) mechanical timepieces -- personal time-machines that stand out from the crowd of overwhelming sameness.
We've spent the better part of this year finishing production, fulfilling our Kickstarter supporters as well as Watchismo preorders that immediately followed the campaign -- but now we're ready and stocked up our Xeriscope Halo inventory so you can get your own Xeric immediately.

Now With Stainless Steel Mesh or Leather Straps

Limited supply is currently available, Order your Xeriscope HERE.
Limited Edition Xeric Xeriscope XS3014 (SOLD OUT!)
We've been loving all the wrist shots of the limited edition Xeriscope our Early Bird Kickstarter backers have posted to social networks like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. (like this amazing shot above by Richard G.) Be sure to tag @Watchismo #watchismo #xericwatches #xeriscope

Xeric Xeriscope Halo Hand Mesh Collection

Xeriscope Halo Steel Mesh Automatic
Xeriscope Halo Black Steel Mesh Automatic
Xeriscope Halo Rose Gold Mesh Automatic
Xeriscope Halo Yellow Gold Mesh Automatic

Xeric Xeriscope Halo Leather Collection

-Xeric SilverBlackFull
Xeric XS3020 Halo Automatic
-Xeric XS3022Full
Xeric XS3022 Halo Automatic
-Xeric RGBlackfull
Xeric XS3021 Halo Automatic
-Xeric GoldBlackfull
Xeric XS3024 Halo Automatic
 Xeric TanBlackFull
Xeric XS3025 Halo Automatic
-Xeric SilverWhitefull
Xeric XS3023 Halo Automatic

Limited Edition Xeriscope Collection

Limited Xeriscope Black Steel Brown Halo Automatic
(ONLY THREE MADE!) All Black Xeriscope Prototype
(ONLY ONE LEFT!) Xeric Gold/Silver XS3017 Limited Edition Automatic
At last, Watchismo has taken the leap from Curators to Creators by launching our own watch brand XERIC and our first timepiece, the XERISCOPE Orbiting Automatic Mechanical Watch.
For 15 years, we've scoured the globe to find the most interesting watches. It is clear that the world needs an unusual & affordable mechanical watch… So we've decided to make one.
Take a look and you’ll see why the Xeriscope will stop strangers in their tracks for a glance at your wrist:
Fully-exposed, mechanical movement is the display
Limited edition of 100 individually numbered watches per style
Innovative time display with a unique double sided minute hand
Automatically recharges itself with the motion of your daily life: No batteries needed - Ever