Son of a Beach, More new Nixon Watches at Watchismo



An Upper Echelon of Nixon Watches

The latest additions to our cornucopia of Nixon watches including the brand new Swiss Movement Anthem collection and some more dressed up versions of Magnacon, gator-strapped Sentry, Diplomat, Passport and 48-20 Chronographs.
Nixon's goal is creating watches you didn’t know you needed but upon first glance you knew you couldn’t live without.
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Nixon AnthemA396000full
Nixon Anthem Steel/Black

Nixon Anthem Collection

Make it reign
An evolution in attitude, The Anthem takes cues from one of our favorite designs then adds layers that are as beautiful as they are badass. Sophisticated touches like ceramic inlays and a high polish stainless steel band stand in perfect contrast to the rugged crown guard and custom case design.
Nixon AnthemA396001full
Nixon Anthem All Black
Nixon A457510full
Nixon Magnacon Chrono SS Gold Black
Elegance built on efficiency
Who decided that luxury means extravagance? Where is it written that a luxurious thing must be a precious thing? The Swiss Made Magnacon indulges itself only in its mechanics - its six hand chronograph movement, its precision time-tracking. It's a watch built for the person who knows that the world doesn't slow down, who wears a timepiece not to be seen, but because there are tasks that need to be performed. And yet, for all of its utility, it contains a simple, durable beauty - elegance built on efficiency, on the knowledge that it won't be outworked.
Nixon A4571885full
Nixon Magnacon SS II Chronograph Polished Gunmetal
Nixon A4051886full
Raising the bar
Nixing the status quo of what you may expect when it comes to classically good-looking timepieces, The Sentry Chrono has entered the room and raised the bar. Anything but standard, this custom-built chronograph with genuine alligator leather strap and unmistakable crown design help strike a rugged balance of technical functionality and elevated style.
Nixon A4051887full
Nixon Sentry Chrono Gator Leather Brown
Nixon A4051888full
Nixon Sentry Chrono Gator Leather Saddle Brown
Nixon A3771886full
Nixon Sentry 38 Gator Leather Black
Nixon A3771887full
Nixon Sentry 38 Gator Leather Brown
Nixon A3631884full
Scaled to fit any situation and designed to look good at any speed, the 48-20 Chrono Leather takes bold styling cues from racing instrumentation and adds a rich, well-traveled leather band. With chronograph accuracy to 1/20th of a second this serious timekeeper only looks like an easy rider. The 48-20 is the alternative to the norm. Modeled after Nixon’s legacy The 51-30 Chrono, the 48mm case is the just right size and proportion that’s not too big, not too small. Inspired by speed and torque measuring instruments, this wide eye chronograph watch is meant to leave hearts racing, a nod to watch aficionados as to what’s under the hood. Built for power, this watch delivers a stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal and colorful dial accents.

New Alligator 48-20 Chronographs

Nixon A3631887full
Nixon 48-20 Chrono Leather Brown Gator
Nixon A3631886full
Nixon 48-20 Chrono Leather Black Gator
A forceful display of superior style.
Brawn and Brains all in one, the Swiss GMT movement allows you to tell time in two locations at once. The Diplomat can take you around the world without losing track of where you came from.
Nixon A379131full
Nixon Passport SS Worldtime Gunmetal
Nixon A379000full
Nixon Passport SS World Time Black
For those who roam a little further from home, The Passport SS has been designed to see you there and back with more durability and attitude than ever before. The addition of a custom stainless steel band lets our team make a bold mark across land, sea and air.
This custom Swiss Made Worldtime analog movement has 24 time zones ready and waiting. With bezel-direct functionality, you'll have local times on lock down. From Sydney to Santiago, this watch is the perfect wing man.