Monday, November 17, 2014

New Nava Ora Unica Watches - Ever Had A Swirly?


Swirl Around The Day

& Twist Away The Night

From the innovative mind of watch designer Denis Guidone comes the long-awaited collection of new NAVA Ora Unica watches. One of the most popular watches of the thousands we offer here at Watchismo!
Now you can choose from white dials with black, blue, orange and magenta displays and straps.
The design is clean and minimalist and finds its ultimate expression in the unconventional reading of time. It consists of a single line forming a graphic gesture (squiggle) where the two ends mark hours and minutes. The Ora Unica does away with conventional hands, and replaces them with a big squiggly line.
Time is rigid but your timepiece should reflect your personality...
See the entire NAVA Ora Unica Collection or check out these brand new releases below...
Nava Ora Unica White 42mm
Nava Ora Unica Blue 36mm
Nava Ora Unica Orange 36mm
Nava Ora Unica Magenta 36mm
Orologio04 1.1
The Original Ora Unica Black 42mm