Monday, January 12, 2015

New M-Theory Time & Space Zero Gravity Watches


Time Is Floating Away

New M-Theory Time & Space Watches

To celebrate the new releases from M-Theory, we're offering a three day fifty buck discount off the entire Zero Gravity collection. Two new styles including an all black mesh strap version of the Moonlight and an entirely steel version with mesh strap. Just apply the code GRAVITY50 at checkout to redeem.
Time & Space is a wrist watch designed with a concept using time and space and a state of zero gravity. Photographs of the full moon taken from Nantes in Western France by the astrophotographer Norbert were used for the dial plate, and the watch hands appear as if they are floating through the moonlight. The luminous dial of the Moonlight watch glows in the dark to evoke a feeling of floating in gravity free space. A modern re-interpretation of the traditional clock hands provide users with a surreal experience of suspended time.

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M-Theory Time & Space Zero Gravity Modern Silver
M-Theory Time & Space Zero Gravity Moonlight Mesh
Moonlight Glow-in-the-dark Dial
How to tell the time on M-Theory Time & Space Watches
The original M-Theory Moonlight Time & Space Zero Gravity Watch