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Retrogadget concept watch pioneer 'Click Watches' have ingeniously re-appropriated 'retro-tronics' into entirely new ways to showcase the time.
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Click Watches On Sale

Click DIP-Switch Black/Black Ribbon
The Click Dip Switch Watches are reaching back into the glory days of electronics.
If you look at the circuit boards of an 80's arcade game, you'd find these Dip Switches. This type of switch is designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components and is commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations.
Click Turn Silver/Black Steel
Click Shower Black2
Click Shower LED Black (also Gold & Silver)
Click Shower LED Watches: A radial brushed dial of solid stainless steel has the high design aesthetics of a vintage Bang & Olufsen turntable but this original timepiece has a mystery of time revealed in rows of Night Rider-styled bright red or blue LED lights.
Click Keypad (Hidden Time) LED Watches
Keypad Watches are ridiculously awesome & awesomely ridiculous!
Calculator, number pad or digital lock? It's a Keypad watch you've never seen before. Even though you think you know how it should work, think again. Perfect for killing time especially for those professionally trained.
Click Safe Watches
Can you unlock the time?
The Click Safe Watch - time is unlocked by pressing the zero to display a sequential flashing of led bulbs in corresponding keypad buttons. Time can be displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour function.
A number pad set into an angular steel casing with no distinguishable display is a very cool way to show the time...
Click Wall Switch Watches
The entire Wall Switch Watch is one giant light switch, flip up or down to see the time and date. The display is hidden the rest of the time but when flipped, the time illuminates from below.
Click Arcade Button Watches
Arcade aficionados unite!!! Relive those high scores and "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Select Start" from your childhood and get your video game on every time you check the time. This Arcade Button watch has an Easy to Read Red LED that displays when you press the button. Just like the arcade games of yesteryear, the button is made of high gloss space-age polymers (i.e. Plastic). Let your inner nerd out to play!