New Limited Edition G-Shock Watches - MT-G, Gulfmaster, Gravitymaster and more!


New G-Shock Just In

MT-G, Gravitymaster, Gulfmaster & LTD Camo

As per usual, many of the G-Shocks you see featured here will sell out quickly and being a reader of our blog gains the advantage of seeing them first!
On your mark, get set, GO!
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G-Shock Gulfmaster Triple Sensor All Black - LIMITED EDITION
In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, this new Gulfmaster features Tide Graph and Moonphase capabilities to help keep you in close touch with your natural environment. Sudden extreme changes in barometric pressure are alerted using a dial hand and much more...
G-Shock GravityMaster GPS Hybrid Black/Gold - LIMITED EDITION
Global Positioning System + Multi Band 6 radio signal reception capability in this new Gravitymaster
G-Shock MTGS-1000D Limited Edition Black/Steel/Red
Stainless Steel G-Shock, need to say anything else? The first truly high end watch from G-Shock! This MT-G is the very limited edition with red highlights and red under-strap.
Classic Grey Camo Analog-Digital
G-Shock GDX-6900TC XL Grey Camo - Limited Edition
G-Shock Classic X-Large Red Camo - Limited Edition
G-Shock GDX-6900TC XL Green Camo - Limited Edition