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Simple Watches For Complicated Collectors

In an affluent, class-less society like Denmark, cultural concepts such as design, is accessible to all. The fundamental attitude is that good design is for everyone.
Simplicity can take a powerful form, one which never compromises on the overall shape of an object or an idea. Skagen has recently revamped their core collection, now, more than ever, true to their Danish aesthetics -- just take a look, a picture is worth a thousand hours!
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Skagen SKW6168front
Skagen SKW6168 Hald Leather Multifunction -Brown
Skagen designed the architectural Hald watch to stand out. The 40-mm case is placed higher above the wrist than usual, appearing to hover. On its design-driven face, numerals mark the hours and strokes measure minutes. Two asymmetric subdials keep track of 24hr time and date.
Skagen SKW6169front
Skagen SKW6169 Hald Leather Multifunction -Navy
Skagen SKW6167front
Skagen SKW6167 Hald Leather Multifunction -Tan/Blue
Skagen SKW6165front
Skagen SKW6165 Ancher Titanium Wave Link -Silver
The Skagen Ancher Collection celebrates the art of minimalist design and function at its best. The simple, clean design of the Ancher provides the versatility that makes its styling timeless.
The Ancher Men's Titanium Wave Link Watch sports a unique bracelet of alternating wide and thin curved steel links whose shapes mimic the waves off the Skagen shore. A clean 40-mm case with a slim 8-mm profile has space for three chronograph functions: a 60-second timer, a 30-minute timer and a dial that keeps the date. A brushed titanium case and undulating link bracelet make this a polished sports watch for men.
Skagen SKW6166front
Skagen SKW6166 Ancher Titanium Wave Link -Black