Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Brand Alert: Analog Watch Co. Wood Watches


New Brand Alert: Analog Watch Company

Minimal In Form, Material & Branding

The Carpenter Watch was designed to be sleek and subtle in form. This gender-neutral piece is meant to inspire, recall, and pay homage to those experiences when we are close to nature.
With the first ever flexible wood strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid wood body, this timepiece is as beautiful as it is earth friendly. The craftsmanship involved in designing with these natural materials is self evident - and the result is a sophisticated, eco-conscious design that is over 80% biodegradable.

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Your choice of hour markers or total wooden minimalism
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All varieties of wood in the collection
When you buy an Analog Watch Co. wooden timepiece, they plant a tree through the non-profit partner 'Trees for The Future'.
Together, we strive to give back to the worlds forests by enabling rural communities to restore their environment by contributing to agro-forestry and tree planting projects!