Monday, March 16, 2015

Ultra Limited Edition G-Shock MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid


The Ultimate Limited Edition G-Shock

New MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid & More!

Imagine a fusion of the elegance of the Metal Twisted G-Shock MT-G, and their latest creation, the new G-Shock GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid GPW1000. The technology combined with the high quality materials, and the toughness G-Shock is renowned for, adds up to their top tier MR-G making its first appearance to the US market. While MR-G has been available exclusive to Japan for years, their new MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid MRG-G1000 will be made available in the states early 2015. Utilizing a 49mm hardened tianium case and bracelet with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, locking clasp and a exclusive variation of their GPS Hybrid module for MR-G

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Gshock MRGG1000B1AFull
G-Shock MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid -Ultra Limited Edition
Gshock MRGG1000B1Athumb
Close up of dial
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